April 20, 2011

Emily and Danielle Civil Rights AIM Chat

Emily and Danielle’s AIM Chat

Emily - zeiguanaman456
Danielle - Dontmesswiththechobes
Chobes - Chobani Greek Yogurt

Zeiguanaman456: In 1954, Brown vs. Board of Education stated that segregated schools are not separate but equal and it is unfair to separate children by race.

Dontmesswiththechobes*: But in Little Rock, Arkansas, the Central High School was not integrated until the year 1954.

Zeiguanaman456: Why?

Dontmesswiththechobes: Well, in 1957 the Arkansas State Court voted to reverse the city’s integration plan. Then, Governor Orwal Faibus told the National Guard at the Central High School to forbid the black students from entering.

Zeiguanaman456: So just one individual can change everything?

Dontmesswiththechobes: It seems so.

Zeiguanaman456: Nine people can change everything too, like the Little Rock 9.

Dontmesswiththechobes: Who???

Zeiguanaman456: The Little Rock Nine. You know,the Nine African American teens chosen to integrate Little Rock Central High? They were sooooo brave! They were mobbed by very mean and nasty white parents.

Dontmesswiththechobes: That crazy man! I learns about one girl named Melba Beals. She was bullied because she was an African American at the Central High. She was harassed and even need body guard at school!

Zeiguanaman456: Whoa!!! I would hate to be bullied because of my race! That’s not fair! Poor Melba!

Dontmesswiththechobes: Also, another one of her friends, Elizabeth, was attacked by a mob! How terrible is that??????

Zeiguanaman456: that’s pretty mean! I’m glad that these brave souls took it into their hands to make out country a fair and equal place for all.

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