March 30, 2011

Jim Crow and the Rise of the Civil Rights Movement DBQ

We will have a DBQ assessment on Monday 4/4/11 from 1-2:30 pm in Lab 3.
Content Covered:
  • 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments (you should have notes from class – if not, look them up!)
  • The Ethics of Living Jim Crow by Richard Wright (p.3-9)
  • Who Was Jim Crow? By Dr. David Pilgrim (p.10-11)
  • Examples of Jim Crow Laws (p.12-16)
  • Race and Gender Identity in the Jim Crow Era inc. Birth of a Nation (8-1Smarties blog, notes on handouts)
  • Plessy Vs. Ferguson (p.18)
  • Without Sanctuary and Strange Fruit (Lynching page on NFS SS wiki -
  • Lynching Projects (8-1Smarties blog)
  • Executive Order 9981 (p.29-30)
  • Segregated Schools (notes on handouts from class)
  • Brown Vs. Board of Education and Reactions to Brown vs. Board of Education (p.31-32)

Study Resources: 
Your unit packet, SS notebook, DBQ rubric, thesis mini-lessons, past DBQ rubrics (reread my notes about what you need to work on!)

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