May 2, 2011

Evan's, Max's and Matthew's Questions Pertaining to the Death of bin Laden

1.  How long prior to the death was the killing bin Laden mission thought up by the US?

The Osama bin Laden death was a shocking, world changing event for everyone. Ever since the initial terrorist attacks done in New York City in 2001, Americans truly wanted bin Laden silenced. This mission dealing with killing Osama really came into view in 2009, because, “In 2009, they located his region of operation and began tracking him” (abc News). The actual plan of organizing this dated back to August of 2010 and at any cost, they “prepared to ramp up security in the event of his demise” (The Daily Iowan). In August Obama searched and got the hiding compound and whereabouts in Pakistan of bin Laden, and on April 29th of 2011, after several NSC (National Security Council) meetings, the decision to send out a “special force to take out bin Laden…” ( May 1, 2011, then brought out his address that bin Laden is now dead.

2.     What will be in store for al-Qaeda?

A group of U.S. navy seals had recently shot Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden. Of course this is great news for America, the President, and of course the brave soldiers who entered the compound in which bin Laden was hiding. People, not only in America were very happy. Many took to the streets with joy. In our nation, millions were outside chanting “USA, USA!” But even though this was a historic victory for us, it made Osama bin Laden’s terrorist group, Al Qaeda very mad. Al Qaeda, including bin Laden never thought that he could be taken down. Well he is dead now and people of Al Qaeda want the U.S. dead. CIA Director Leon Panetta said that Al Qaeda will, "almost certainly will attempt to avenge" the death of their leader. Al Qaeda’s main engine may have died (as well as his son), but the organization still does exist and it is not happy. Now all Al Qaeda has to do is pull themselves together and probably prepare for an attack. "Al Qaeda is weakened. But it doesn't mean that the United States has no challenges," Steven L. Spiegel, director for Middle East development at the University of California Los Angeles, said early Monday. The Taliban are also upset that we were victorious and killed their leader. A blogger for CNN said in one of their posts, “Bin Laden’s dead, but ‘it’s not over’”.

3. Did someone in the city give us insider information about the compound?

The killing of Osama bin Laden did not just occur. It was backed by months of extensive military investigations. The compound of bun Laden was near one of the American military hubs about 35 miles north of Pakistan. The American military was led to the compound after American spies located a courier of bin Laden in the compound, but they had their doubts that he was the only one there. The New York Times stated that, “The property was so secure, so large, that American officials guessed it was built to hide someone far more important than a mere courier.” Even though bin Laden had never actually been seen in the compound, American spies were convinced he was inside.
Through months of research, American spies came to the conclusion that bin Laden and his family were hiding inside. They were so concerned about their security that they had no phone or internet connection and they burn their trash instead of putting it on the curb to be picked up like their neighbors. Finally, on Sunday, May 1st President Obama ordered a helicopter assault by a few navy SEALs on bin Laden’s compound. He was shot in the head after he resisted the assault along with his son. The New York Times stated, “…ended in the death of Bin Laden on Sunday and concluded one of histories most extensive and frustrating manhunts.” Finally, the life of America’s number one most wanted criminal and terrorist has been brought to justice.

Here is an interview we took about the bin Laden death and what will be in store for al-Qaeda.


  1. I thought each of your responses were very informative and well written. I thought Jody's responses were interesting also. Great job!


  2. Evan and max I thought your blog post was amazing. I think you could make your videos better by not making loud noises in the back ground. But you guys did a great job on your video and the Q&A.

  3. I really liked watching Jody's interveiw. All of the responses were well constructed. I learned alot through this project.

  4. You had very thought-provoking questions, and your answers were thorough. The last answer, especially, was really interesing. I didn't know his family was there, or that he had no phone nor internet access. Interesting stuff!

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  6. Greetings, Team MEM (Max, Evan, Matthew)

    I think that you guys did a super professional job with this. Your use of primary sources flowed in very nicely with the overall text, and your video was very well made, with the speakers talking clearly so everyone could hear them. Nice job!

  7. Your responses were very well writen and your questions were very good, detailed ones. I didn't know he resisted the arrest, I thought it was a gun fight. Good Job!