May 3, 2011

Pros and Cons of Releasing Dead OBL Pictures According to 8-1 Smarties

  • proof that he is really dead
  • people won't get angry at Obama like they did with the birth certificate thing
  • will overtake the royal wedding in the media - score!
  • American citizens will feel the government is being open, honest, sharing information, etc.
  • people might find it too gory and offensive
  • it will make Al Qaeda more angry at us; bring shame to them
  • might motivate someone to retaliate against the US
  • people might not think that the picture is real (PhotoShop?!)
  • even people who didn't support Al Qaeda might turn against us
  • Al Qaeda might use it to recruit uneducated Muslims - "look what they did!" - it could be used as propaganda against the US

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