May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden Killed: George's and dong Jae's Response

Is there someone who can replace bin Laden as leader of al Qaeda?
Reporters believe that a man by the last name of Zawahiri, an Egyptian eye doctor, who is believed to be the master mind behind the bombing of the World Trade Centers, is the most likely man to replace the former leader of al Qaeda, bin Laden. This man, Zawahiri has been on the list of 22 most wanted terrorists, now down to only nine. He has a 25 million dollar reward for him, the same as bin Laden.  Zawahiri has evaded two bombings by United States drones, and is believed to be hiding in the mountains on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, but now the US is looking for him Pakistani cities. One reporter from CNN believes that there is no one able to replace bin Laden and that al Qaeda will crumble. He believes that Zawahiri doesn’t have the “charisma, fame, or visibility.” We believe that someone will rise to attempt to take over al Qaeda as a new face of terrorism, but we cannot be certain until the following weeks.

1.       Does the American Government believe that al Qaeda will mount a new terrorist on America for killing Bin Laden and then celebrating him being killed?

Clinton said bin Laden's death was a milestone in the war on terrorism, but the battle is not ended with al Qaeda. The USA government warned Monday that Osama Bin Laden death might cause the al Qaeda to retaliate USA. Some people said al Qaeda will nuke USA. In my opinion I think nothing will happen to USA. I don’t think al Qaeda is planning revengeful acts upon us. Because al Qaeda doesn’t have a leader I think they are going to give up and end the war.

Did the Pakistani government know bin Laden was living in his compound? If they did, why wouldn’t they alert the U.S. government?

The compound where bin Laden was living at was only thirty miles from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, in the city of Abbottabad. The city he was living at was tourist hub, having a hockey ring and medical school.  The city was home to one of the largest military garrison in Pakistan and was near Rawalpindi, the city which is the headquarters of Pakistan military. These facts have been raising many questions about how the Pakistani government and military didn’t know about his location. Many people are now believing that Pakistan itself could be a government with a terrorist mindset, not finding out about the death or mission of bin Laden until after it was completed. Many believe that the government and military were sheltering bin Laden. Whatever Pakistan were doing, bin Laden has now be eliminated, but our fight is not over, for we now have more high level terrorists we have to go after.


  1. Interesting questions. It's cool how you put your opinions on some of the things, because that made it more interesting to read. You also analyzed a lot of sources while making this, which made it more credible. Nicely done!

  2. Your responses were really well crafted, I can tell you worked hard on each one. I especially liked the first paragraph. I never knew anything about the Zawahiri guy, so your project taught me alot.

  3. George and Dongjae,
    I think that this blog post was great. I totally agree when you say we have to question the Pakistani government. Bin Laden was hiding out right near a Pakistani military academy in a million dollar house, so I find it hard to believe that they didn't "know" he was there. I can tell that this was really thought out. Great job,

  4. Good work guys! I agree 100% percent with the two of you. Although the CNN reporter makes a good point, there'll always be someone to carry out bin Laden's legacy. But I must say, I disagree with your next opinion. I think killing Osama may have just enraged them, instead of making them feel weak and give up. And it was rather strange that noone knew where bin Laden was...but nonetheless, great job!