May 2, 2011

A Threat Nullified: Joshua's Reflections on the Death of Osama Bin Laden

Okay, here we go. 3 Questions. Many primary sources. 3 opinions by ME, and only ME. LET’S DO THIS!!

1. Will Al Qaeda still be a threat to our country now?

“Speculation among military officials point to the fact that threat levels will remain high for the time being as Al Qaeda tries to let people know they are still relevant and can still be a threat.”
Well, in my opinion, just because Osama is dead doesn’t mean his organization stops running. I feel that the U.S. should still keep their guard and try to find the remaining members, as they could easily choose a new leader to take over. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said “the U.S. can no longer keep troops to the region under the pretext of fighting terrorism now that Osama bin Laden is dead.” Apparently, the U.S. feels like their troubles are over because this one person was killed, but that’s the exact same thing that every superhero says when they beat a really important super villain, and then either the super villain comes back from the dead, or his lackeys keep running his evil empire and kill MORE people without the super villain even being alive. Case in point, Sonic the Hedgehog defeated Dr. Robotnik “for good” in issue #200. Guess what was on the cover of #203? There was a picture of the NEW RULER of the Robotnik Empire, who was Robotnik’s SIDEKICK. Then, the Eggman actually CAME BACK (as a cyborg) to rule again in #224!! Those villains can still conduct operations in hiding, or even beyond the grave, so in that case, so can real villains. Al Qaeda is still a threat because it has NOT been completely obliterated yet, and we need to keep our guard.

2. Do people believe that now that Osama has been killed, the tragic event of 9/11 has been avenged?

It looks like a lot of people feel like “Justice has been done” in the words of Obama, and they feel that all the grief they suffered for their loved ones has been triumphed by the fact that one man, the one who basically single-handedly killed them all, is dead. It’s a sort of a cruel sense of revenge, and we certainly would not be the human race without it. I noticed that in this tagxedo project made with words from Obama's speech,  One of the biggest words besides "Qaeda" and "Bin Laden" are "Country", "American," and "people." This makes me think that Obama is proud of us as a country, because we were able to track the threat to the country and eliminate it (even though this was just ONE GUY, and he killed THOUSANDS of us, but never mind).

3. Who were the ones that killed him? Was it an entire armed force or a small team? How did they kill him?
“It was last August that Obama said he was briefed on a possible lead about Bin Laden. It was information about him hiding in a compound deep within Pakistan. Last week, Obama gave authorization to launch an attack against the compound, and today it was carried out.”
There were many people involved, mostly from the U.S. military. It is said that Pakistani operatives were also involved in the move to kill bin Laden.
No Americans were harmed, and after a firefight, Osama bin Laden was killed and the US took his body. Pakistan's intelligence service confirmed the death of Osama bin Laden.
Obama says it is essential that Pakistan continue to join the US to fight Al Qaeda.

There ya go! Hope you enjoyed my opinions, and thanks for reading!!!


  1. Hey Joshua,
    Your blogpost is really informative, I learned a lot of things about Osama's death after reading this. I didn't know that Obama had a lead on him for so long! I liked how you related the topic of Al Queda seeking revenge with Sonic. Great Job!

  2. These are very interesting thoughts and opinions you have! You incorporated the main ideas and related them to other things (SONIC!). Your thoughts definitely ring true to those of most Americans and you did a great job!

  3. Joshua,
    I really loved your blogpost. I can tell that it was very thought out. I especially liked the Connection between Al Queda and Sonic the Hedgehog. Also, I agree, I do not think that we can let our guard down against Al Queda, they are still a dangerous terrorist organization. Great Job,

  4. I really like your Tagxedo because it looks at OBLs death in a different way and I love the descriptive words you used. Nice job!

  5. I liked how instead of writing this blogpost in a very "matter of fact" way, you provided the reader with insight to your personal opinion while including acurate facts. Great Job!

  6. I thought you used quotes well and i really like your tagxedo in the shape of the US. Great job!