February 15, 2011

What's True and What's Right

At the time when America's atomic bomb was released to Japan, I could understand understand why Truman decided to do it. Many bad things had been happening with the issue of World War II but America had not been involved in the war until the unforgettable day of Pearl Harbor. the bomb that had shook Hawaii killing many people. Truman knew that we could not back down after being officially invited into the war. The attitude was "they hit us, we hit them back." That's why Truman jumped at the opportunity to be able to bomb "the enemy."

While America was planning attack, Japan was getting prepared with warnings that dropped from the sky stating there would be a bomb. When the bomb was dropped, all Hell broke loose. people were faced with the same effects as Pearl Harbor. Fire, blown up buildings, homes were no more. Again, many were killed with the effects. I feel sorry for what happened to Japan. There were many innocent people that died. I understand why America did it, but I'm sorry for the effects.

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