February 16, 2011

End of Term Selection & Reflection for Digital Portfolios

Wednesday's Workshop:

Smarties!  I'm sorry to be out again.  BOTH kids have fevers and coughs.  I have seen enough of Dora and Diego to last me a long, long time.  At least there's no vomit, right?

Today in class I'd like you to select three or more artifacts from your term two Social Studies work to archive for your digital portfolio.  Put your artifacts into the digital portfolio subfolder inside your 8th Grade Social Studies folder!  If you choose something that is web based (glog, blog, wiki...), use the document called ARCHIVING SOMETHING FROM THE WEB that is in the 8th grade common folder.  If you want to select your political cartoon about the Harrison Report, I scanned and saved them in the Holocaust & WW2 subfolder.

As you choose your artifacts, complete the document titled 8-1 Social Studies Term 2 Portfolio Assignment (in our class common folder on the network) and then email it to me.  I will be working on grading them from home tonight. 

You will notice that I've revised my list of questions to help guide your reflection:

·       How does this piece show my growth in understanding history?
·       How does this piece reflect my ability to analyze primary sources?
·       How does this piece show my ability to synthesize multiple sources and/or many perspectives?
·       How does this piece show my preferred learning styles?
·       How does this piece reflect my ability to use technology to express myself?
·       How does this piece show my collaboration and cooperation skills?
Group of people in DarfurImage via Wikipedia
I have emailed some of you individually about missing work.  Please take care of this ASAP.  I need to get your report cards ready :)

See you at the Dance-a-Thon for Darfur on Thursday!

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