February 15, 2011

Victoria, Lauren, and Hannah's thoughts

Our group had lots of thoughts on if the US did the right thing or not. We all believe that the US did the right thing by dropping both bombs on Japan. We believe that it was the right thing to do, because if we didn't we might have never ended the war, and more people would be killed in both America, and Japan. This question, of was it the right thing to do, goes back to the question we talked about in class which was, is it ok to kill someone if it will save someone else. In this case, our group believes that this is OK.

In Victoria's perspective, dropping the bombs in Japan was OK, because our country was protecting he future generations in America by killing one generation in Japan. In Lauren's thought, she believes that dropping the bomb was maybe not the BEST idea because it killed SO many people, but however it did stop the war, causing MANY lives to be saved. We are at a loss for words with Hannah's perspective, because she was not here today to give us feedback on her opinion. All in all, out group believes that dropping the bombs was for the best.

When we look at this HUGE event from the Japanese perspective, it was a GREAT upset. Not only did thousands upon thousands of people die, but families were destroyed as well as buildings. Knowing this information, is important for when we as a group make our opinions, because going by what happened on just one side (US) is not getting the whole story. It's exactly like if you hear a rumor and your trying to decide if its true info or not, and to get that information, you need to get both sides of the story. This was a sad time in our history, but our group believes that it was for the best.

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