February 15, 2011

Matt Angle's First Thoughts About The A-Bombs Of World War II

The questions, is it okay to end the life of one person to save the lives of others and was it okay to drop the atomic bombs on the island of Japan are huge questions that deeply inflict thought on our society and even the history of our species.

To answer the first question (Is it okay to end the life of one person to save the lives of others?) in my opinion, I would say that it is okay under the circumstances of kidnappings, holding people for ransom, terrorist organizations, and enemy countries. If it is certain that an enemy nation will inevitably destroy the foundation of our country then we (the government of America and her Allies) could make a step to avoid that. That step could very well involve killing some people (people that have to be killed in the process) to save the lives of many, many citizens of our democratic establishment. If an enemy country attacks us before we attack them (Pearl Harbor) and then plans an even bigger invasion on the weakened area, I think that it is okay to invade, attack, and/or bomb that threatening region of the world to save all of our lives and our country. Another example where I feel it is justifiable to take another person's life is if a person or a group of people captures someone or a lot of people and brings them to a room, holds them there and are about to kill them, and then you come in and shoot them (the kidnapping murderers) dead. You just saved the lives of innocent people but took the life of the opposing force(s).

To answer the second question (Was it okay to drop the atomic bombs on the island of Japan?) in my opinion, I feel that it was okay. It might have been very disastrous, but okay in the mindset that a horrific attack to the U.S. was abruptly stopped. I think that it was okay because the Empire of Japan attacked America just before, a devastating blow that forced us to join the war. Once we won against Europe, we still had Japan and the Pacific to take care of. They were preparing to launch a gigantic invasion. In order to save millions of people in America and avoid a continuous war, we unleashed our scientific knowledge of harnessing the force and might of atomic power to seal the victory, the Allies' victory of World War II.

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