February 13, 2011

Hiroshima & Nagasaki in the Eyes of the People

Question of the week:  Did the US government do the right thing?

Monday and Tuesday Workshop Directions: 

You may collaborate with a partner or two (three in a group max.) or by yourself. 

Step1 - Japanese Perspective
Visit the sites below and browse the first person narratives about the dropping of the a-bombs.  These all provide the Japanese perspective. 


What effects did the bomb have on civilians in Japan?  Make a t-chart in your notebook or in Word.  Write down effects on the left.

Watch this National Geographic video about the effects of radiation.  Add to your t-chart.

Step 2 - US Government Perspective

Read the White House Press Release Announcing the Bombing of Hiroshima (Aug. 6, 1945) on p.113-115 in your unit packet or online at PBS.  What reasons does Truman give to justify the use of the bomb?  Write down reasons on the right side of your t-chart.

Watch an excerpt from the BBC Documentary about dropping a second bomb on Japan, this time on the city of Nagasaki.  Add to your list of reasons.

Step 3 - Question:  Did the US do the right thing?
Now that you've read from both perspectives, you must ask yourself, "Did the US do the right thing?"  Look at your t-chart carefully.  Was dropping the bomb justifiable?  If you feel you need more information, please feel free to do additional research.

Step 4 - Tagxedo OR Wordle
Your next task is to use Tagxedo or Wordle to create a word cloud that reflects your answer to the question, "Did the US do the right thing?"  Tagxedo is a web site similar to Wordle but with greater design powers.  Like Wordle, Tagxedo will make more frequently used words larger.  Depending upon your answer to the question, select texts to use in your cloud.  For example, if you think Truman was right on, use his speech. If you think it was a terrible decision, you might use one or more of the Japanese accounts.  If your view is more mixed, you can use texts from both perspectives!  NOTE - You can copy and paste these texts over.  There is no need to manually type them in!  You can add words from your t-chart as well.  Use the shape picker, font and color choices to design your cloud so that it is intriguing, thought-provoking and reveals your understanding and view.  You will need to save your word cloud as a JPG (Tagxedo) OR take a screenshot (Wordle).

Step 5 - Blog Post

Create a new post on our class blog; include your cloud and a meaty 1-2 paragraph reflection in response to the question, "Did the US do the right thing?"  You might include your personal thoughts about dropping the bomb as opposed to your historical understanding, your reaction to the firsthand accounts, your thoughts about the big question, "is it okay to kill someone if it will save someone else," what and how you've learned today...

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