February 23, 2011

The Research Paper Day 2: Stretching Our Thinking About Our Topics

You did a fantastic job brainstorming ideas for your research paper using Lino.  I hope you enjoyed learning this new application!  Today I want you to think more critically about each of your potential ideas.  We're going to use Lino again so that you get some more practice!

  1. Login to Lino
  2. Click Create a new canvas from your dashboard.  Give it a name and select a background.
  3. Under Access to Canvas (publicity), please select Everyone may post stickies before clicking the Create a canvas button.
  4. Toggle back to the 8-1 Smarties group canvas.
  5. Find your stickies and copy them onto your personal canvas.
  6. Toggle back to your personal canvas.
  7. Expand upon each of your four stickies to stretch your thinking.  The following questions may help guide your thinking, but you are not limited to them:
    • what would be cool/fun/exciting about researching this topic?
    • what would be challenging about researching this topic?
    • who might be able to help me with this topic?
    • what do I already know about this topic?
    • what questions do I already have about this topic?
    • why is this topic important or meaningful to me?
    • where might I look for information about this topic?
    • are there any YA historical fiction books that relate to this topic?
Feel free to Google your topics, upload pictures and/or videos and/or links to your Lino canvas.  This brainstorm session is for you!  I want to see your thinking about each of your potential topics!

    8.  Create a blog post on this site with a link to and/or embed code for your canvas.

Your homework, due MONDAY, is to post a comment sticky on at least 3 of your classmates' personal Linos.  Your comments should be helpful and positive.

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