February 15, 2011

Thoughts On The A-Bomb by Joshua

It's interesting how "fire" is the biggest word here.

My thoughts on the tragic incident of the Bomb on Hiroshima are many, but as to which side I am on, I'm afraid my thoughts are quite mixed. On one side, we have the Americans, who say they dropped the bomb just so they could survive. The Japanese soldiers killed hundreds of them at Pearl Harbor, and they wanted to find the best way to end the conflict rapidly and topple the government of the enemy. The president at the time, Harry Truman, claimed that they wanted the war to end, and so they had to destroy the opposing force for the sake of thousands of young American lives. The Atomic Bomb was the best way to do this, apparently, as it was the most powerful weapon of all time. American Scientists marveled at their ability to find this object of destruction and claim it as their own. Now, they were a force to reckon with.

On the other side, we have the Japanese. The weapon that Truman claimed could be the "fire and destruction prophesized in the Euphrates Valley Era" was set off in one of the most highly populated cities of Japan. In doing this, millions of lives were taken, thousands were mortally injured or crippled, and the Japanese way of life was shattered. Survivors were haunted by the terrible things that happened that day, some even going insane because of it. Even today, survivors strive to educate young students about that terrible day...

In my opinion (yes, all the best statements begin with "in my opinion"), both of them were right in some way. If the U.S. hadn't triggered the bomb, then perhaps the Japanese would have made a surprise attack, this time on the mainland. Then again, if the bomb wasn't triggered, then the souls of Japanese civilians would have been safe and lots and lots of grief would have been spared. Then again, who knows? If my research about time travel has taught me anything, it's that if the past were to somehow change, even just a little bit, then a totally different thing could occur in the future. Perhaps this future would be even worse: maybe WW2 would STILL be going on today if not for the atomic bomb. Maybe we would all be living in an underground shelter or a bunker! The point is that if things didn't happen exactly the way they did, our entire future would change. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a good thing the bomb dropped.
...I still feel sorry for the Japanese, though.

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